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Tess Devèze

Global sexuality and cancer specialist, somatic sexologist, sexuality occupational therapist, cancer survivor, author, public sp

Tess Devèze is a breast cancer survivor, clinical occupational therapist (OT), certified somatic sexologist and the founder of ‘ConnectAble Therapies’, an Australia-based sexuality OT community practice working with people living with cancer, chronic illness and disability. Alongside working as a sexuality OT and somatic sexologist, Tess is a public speaker, educator, created the global support Facebook support group ‘Intimacy and Cancer’ and is the best selling author of ‘A Better Normal; Your Guide To Rediscovering Intimacy After Cancer’. Tess strives to offer support to every single person impacted by cancer on a topic that goes so often ignored, yet is so vital for our wellbeing.

June 21, 2022

Share Your Story: Tess Deveze

Tess Deveze is an occupational therapist, somatic sexologist, and she is fighting stage three breast cancer. Personally experiencing the severe impacts that treatments have on our intimacy and how this topic is so often ignor...

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