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Awesome platform!


I just love this pod. It’s inspirational and the stories are so important!

Great Podcast

Very informative and encouraging

Genuine, Heartfelt, and Vulnerable

Genuine, heartfelt, and vulnerable, this podcast is encouraging to those who may be in the middle of this cancer journey.

Grateful for this show!

Wow, I’m so grateful Andrea created this podcast. By sharing her personal experience, she will help so many people get through a difficult situation.

Sharing with others

This is such a powerful podcast. I love hearing the stories of those who have been through such difficult times. Andrea is a fantastic host.

Eye opening!

I love the authenticity that comes from the stories told on this podcast. It’s emotional,relatable and informative. It definitely will help those fighting cancer and their loved ones feel less alone in their cancer related struggles.

Stories That Connect, Inspire, and Heal

The Cancer U podcast is great! Andera is an excellent host who is fun, loving, and easy to talk with. Andrea gets it! As a cancer thriver, advocate, and someone who supports others diagnosed with cancer, it is important to hear the stories of others who have had to face cancer. It is a way to provide hope, encouragement, and fill your cup. This podcast makes sure that no one is left out. I highly recommend this inspirational and educational podcast!

Empowering Voices

I love hearing stories of cancer thrivers on the Cancer U podcast. It is therapeutic to tell your story so the fact that Cancer thrivers get a place to speak their journey and inform others in this way is amazing. The episodes are also short and compact perfect for a drive to work or a coffee break. They are both educational & inspiring. The host Andrea has a lovely voice and doesn’t make the show about her. Her passion for Cancer thrivers is felt through her words. She has a great way of getting the story and digging deeper with each guest along with some fun rapid fire questions at the end. As someone who has had cancer I enjoy this podcast & look forward to more episodes. All in all great show!

Supportive, uplifting

If you’re anything like me, there were times I felt alone as I navigated my cancer journey. Having this supportive community helped me learn, share and open up. Thank you, Andrea, for the opportunity to share my story with your listeners. Your podcast is a safe space for all those looking for hope and resilience. A wonderful addition to your podcast lineup whether you find yourself or a loved one facing a battle of their own, or are a medical professional caring for those going through a cancer journey. The world needs more Andrea’s! Keep up the good work!

Cancer U

A dedicated professional Andrea brings her compassion and heart to this podcast. Informative ,inspirational and educational listening for cancer patients and those who love them .

What an amazing resource for anyone dealing with cancer

Great Information and Inspiration

This is a great podcast with a wealth of information from a variety of guests. From informative to inspirational, this podcast has it all. I very much enjoy listening to it.

Just what I needed !

As a cancer survivor and caregiver, I appreciate the perspectives that this podcast gives to foster hope and emotional healing in its listeners. Cancer U is a must listen !

Inspiration to Thrive!

Listening to these stories of others surviving and thriving is such an inspiration. If you want to find hope - and hope is never a bad idea - listen to this podcast regularly!

Highly recommend

Really interesting podcast with inspiring stories! Andrea creates a safe space for these stories and is a great interviewer!


Oh my goodness! Pulled at my heart strings for sure. It’s comforting to know we’re not alone. Somehow it was helpful hearing other people’s stories.

So good!

Love the content and mission of this podcast. Cancer is so different for everyone and Andrea asks really insightful and thought provoking questions. Keep up the good work!

Great listen

The content being shared on this podcast is so good!

Thank you for sharing stories

I really appreciate everyone’s story and thanks for having a safe place for everyone to share. ❤️

Thank you for this!!!

Every woman needs to listen to this!!

So important

Thanks for bringing this topic out in the open and to all the guests who you interview. While each person’s experience is unique, it’s important to know there are others out there with whom we can relate - either as patients, family members, friends, survivors, or caregivers. Keep up the great work!

Inspiration Overload!

If you or someone you know is struggling, this is for you! The episode with Rachel DeSpain was so inspirational. Thank you for this gem.

Love 💗

As someone with a family member battling cancer, I so value this podcast. The guests and conversations that Andrea shares are both informative and inspiring. This is a must listen!

Exceptional information

Soulful and helpful. Bringing hope and healing. Andrea is super professional and a great interviewer.

Great podcast

This is a wonderful podcast sharing beautiful stories and insights that is so helpful for anyone battling cancer.

So Valuable!

I love how honest this podcast is and the guest perspective is so valuable!💖


This is my favorite podcaster ! So thorough in interviews and the time marks are so helpful

Insightful Conversations

This is a beautiful podcast. Thoughtful, insightful, and beautifully hosted by Andrea. Cancer is everywhere, so many people I know are struggling, including my mom. These conversations will inspire you, sooth you, inform you and help you understand the journey of thriving with cancer.

A Grateful Guest

Often, almost always, in fact, those of us who’ve survived cancer refrain from telling our stories because we don’t want to spoil the party or become objects of curiosity or pity. The experiences that made us who we are cannot be spoken of in polite company. When the episode I appear on was posted, I was afraid to listen. What if I made a fool of myself? What if I sounded like an attention-seeking crybaby? After finally having listened, I can confidently say that Andrea and her team have done an incredible and necessary job. Five stars!