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Nov. 30, 2021

Share Your Story: Ginny Dent Brant

Share Your Story: Ginny Dent Brant

Ginny Dent Brant is a speaker, writer, counselor, educator, and wellness advocate. Brant’s triple award-winning book Unleash Your God-Given Healing: Eight Steps to Prevent and Survive Cancer was written with an oncologist after her cancer journey. Her cancer prevention blog is at www.ginnybrant.com.

  • 01:26: Would you please take us back to the very beginning of your cancer journey?
  • 03:23: My absolute worst moment was when I met with the surgical oncologist after my MRI.
  • 05:11: We didn't know how far the cancer had spread at that point.
  • 07:01: Did you stay at Cancer Treatment Centers of America?
  • 09:20: I do know this: people that have healthy lifestyle habits do better in the cancer treatment journey.
  • 11:12: By the time they removed the tumor and cleared the margins, it left me with a small breast which was fine.
  • 13:03: I ended up doing two miles that day.
  • 15:18: I was able to put a routine together that not only oxygenated my body but held my bone density.
  • 17:16: I'm curious what you think about Chinese medicine. Because in Chinese medicine, certain emotions reside in certain organs of the body.
  • 19:31: I find this research that shows that grief can suppress the immune system.
  • 21:28: I believe it was that acupuncture; she was stimulating my red blood cells to build themselves back up.
  • 24:00: What was your best moment in all of this?
  • 26:40: If you could only do one thing to improve health care in the US, what would it be and why?
  • 28:50: You must be your own best advocate because cancer is a huge money-making business.
  • 30:00: I was their first patient to get the Vitamin C infusions 24 hours before chemotherapy.
  • 31:38: Are you ready for the Thriver Rapid Fire questions?
  • 33:29: What is one resource you would recommend for cancer patients and caregivers?


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