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Dec. 27, 2022

Share Your Story: Lori Baker Schena

Share Your Story: Lori Baker Schena

Dr. Lori Baker-Schena, MBA, has a doctorate in education and is the CEO and founder of Baker Schena Communications. Dr. Lori is a leadership coach and professional speaker who works with individuals, academic institutions, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large corporations to strengthen their management and team-building skills.

  • 01:44: I am actually a cancer survivor of two cancers.
  • 03:21: but the doctor didn't think it was a tumor
  • 04:21: you can be dead in three weeks or curable.
  • 06:43: my particular non-Hodgkin's lymphoma was unusual because it's called extranodal.
  • 08:49: and it took 13 hours for them to drip it through because it was so toxic
  • 10:23: I do a mammogram every year
  • 12:22: it was tiny but incredibly aggressive.
  • 14:17: I underwent four rounds of chemotherapy.
  • 16:23: I really believe we need to give ourselves fighting chances with cancer.
  • 18:26: I had a fantastic plastic surgeon
  • 20:34: I've had so much pain
  • 23:13: I needed a change
  • 25:14: If I had not gone through that, it'd be a whole different story
  • 27:49: what has been your worst moment in both cancer journeys
  • 29:39: What was your best moment?
  • 32:41: Thriver Rapid Fire
  • 34:55: what is one resource you would recommend for cancer patients and caregivers


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