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Sept. 13, 2022

Share Your Story: Matt Ode

Share Your Story: Matt Ode

At the age of 24, Matt Ode was diagnosed with Stage 3C Testicular Cancer. By the age of 25, he was led into a 2-week coma with multiple near-death experiences having to relearn to live his life over again. Fast forward 5 years, Matt is now a keynote motivational speaker and coach helping individuals transform their setbacks into their superpowers.

  • 02:22: We have what's called scan anxiety.  
  • 04:10: I had to get rushed into the emergency surgery. 
  • 07:30: They found out I had the highest stage of testicular cancer.  
  • 09:11: There are so many ways of doing chemotherapy. 
  • 11:35: Your tumor is wrapped around what's called your inferior vena cava.  
  • 13:18: I was in the hospital for an entire week.  
  • 15:18: After 53 days I couldn't eat anything. 
  • 17:27: I was in a coma. 
  • 19:15: We offered um 40 hours of personal training for free to all our employees.  
  • 21:23: What was your worst moment?  
  • 22:58: Why did you stop doing physical therapy?  
  • 25:33: How did you propose? 
  • 27:23: What's one thing you wish you had known at the very beginning?  
  • 29:57: Thriver Rapid Fire Questions.  
  • 31:05: Aside from Cancer U, what is one resource that you would recommend for cancer patients and caregivers? 



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